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61 locations in Australia
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Fitness First

61 locations in Australia

Pricing: Pricing starts at between $20 and $25 per week

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After opening in Australia in 2000, Fitness First now has around 60 gyms spread across all states in Australia with over 240,000 members. The Fitness First philosophy is to offer the best equipment, range of classes, knowledgeable staff and personal advice in a welcoming environment that helps their members to achieve their fitness goals.

A huge range of group classes are available and you can also book in for a BioScore Assessment which assesses and provides feedback on your health, fitness, and lifestyle.

Each Fitness First club is categorized based on the quality of the equipment, services, and facilities they provide. Passport clubs are the cheapest to access followed by Platinum clubs, Titanium clubs, and Black Label clubs.

Latest Offer

Fitness First is currently running their “Pay Nothing Until 2021” campaign which offers $0 start-up (usually $99) and no membership fees up to the 6th January 2021 on 12 and 18-month memberships. 18-month memberships also get 20% off. Be aware that your 12 or 18-month contract period doesn’t start until you commence paying (i.e. from 7th January 2021). The offer is only valid over the Cyber Weekend sales period from 26th-30th November 2020. For more information click here.

Fitness First Opening Hours

Opening hours can vary depending on the club but are generally 5 am-11 pm on weekdays and 6 am-10 pm on weekends.

Selected clubs provide 24/7 access to members. Contact the Fitness First gyms in your area to see if they offer this service.

Fitness First Pricing Guide

Fitness First has 2 types of fee structures – contract and prepaid. Prepaid memberships are available in groups of 10 visits (expires after 45 days) and 25 visits (expire after 90 days) and are good for casual visitors or those looking to try out the facilities before committing to a long term contract. Contract lengths are available for 3, 12 and 18 months with the cost-reducing for longer contracts.

Startup costs are a flat fee of $99. These fees can be waived from time to time so remember to ask about special offers.

Ongoing costs vary considerably depending on contract length and the category of club you are looking to join but usually range from $74-$274 per month. The cheapest option only allows you to access your ‘home’ club and isn’t available at all locations.

There is a 14-day comfort guarantee that allows you to cancel your contract within the first 14 days. Your start-up fee is not refundable.

Discounted memberships are available if your place of work has a current corporate agreement with Fitness First. This can often be the case if your workplace is close to a Fitness First club. You can also get a discount if you are a pensioner, have a student card or seniors card.

Family memberships are also available if memberships are linked to a primary, full-fee paying member who agrees to pay for all memberships.

Fitness First Memberships

You should always read and confirm the Fitness First terms and conditions in your membership agreement before committing to join. Click here to read the full list of terms and conditions. You’ll find some answers to your membership questions in our FAQ’s section.


Are my ongoing membership fees locked in once I join?

3, 12 and 18-month membership fees are automatically increased by 2% after the minimum term is complete and annually thereafter.

Can I put my Fitness First membership on hold?

You can put your membership on hold for up to 4 fortnights per year for any reason. An $8 fee per fortnight is applicable.

You can put your membership on hold for up to 13 fortnights per year for travel, medical, or bankruptcy reasons as long as you provide proof. An $8 fee per fortnight is applicable if the reason for putting your membership on hold is for travel.

Can I train at Fitness First clubs overseas if I’m travelling?

Depending on your membership category, you may have access to train at Fitness First clubs overseas for a maximum of 30 times per year. Before travelling, you must collect an overseas passport card from your local club and present it at the club you want to train at when overseas.

How do I cancel my Fitness First membership once I’ve completed the minimum contract term?

If you want to cancel your membership after the minimum term, you must provide 28 days notice (except if you are cancelling for medical reasons with proof) by either calling Fitness First or speaking to the reception team at your local club.

Can I cancel my Fitness First membership if I haven’t completed the minimum contract term?

You can cancel your membership within the minimum term for medical or bankruptcy purposes with proof without incurring an exit fee.

If you relocate to an address that is 15km or more away from any Fitness First club, you can cancel by providing proof from Australia Post. You will incur a fee of 20% of the remaining contract value.

You can cancel within the term of your contract for any reason by paying out the remaining value on your membership contract less 10%.

Can I transfer my membership to someone else?

You can transfer your membership to another person as long as they haven’t been a member in the last 3 months and qualify for your membership category. A transfer fee equivalent to the start-up fee applies.

What is the minimum age to join Fitness First?

Fitness First membership is open to anyone 14 years and up. All members under 16 years of age must have a parent or guardian sign the membership agreement and pre-exercise questionnaire. 14-15 year-olds can:

  • use cardiovascular equipment
  • take part in group classes that do not use weights
  • take part in water-based classes
  • NOT do unsupervised resistance training or take part in group classes that use weights. This includes circuit training and boxing type exercises

For members aged 16-17, a parent or guardian must sign the membership agreement and pre-exercise questionnaire. They can then do unsupervised resistance training once a qualified staff member has assessed the pre-exercise questionnaire and written and supervised an initial resistance training program.

Minors are not allowed access to 24/7 clubs outside of staffed hours.

For more information on kids in gyms and weight training for under 18’s, read our article on The Minimum Age to Join a Gym.

Summing Up

Fitness First is great for people who…

  • Want a full service gym with great facilities
  • Are looking for a wide range of group classes to vary their workout
  • Are joining a gym for the first time and want support and variety in a non-intimidating atmosphere

Avoid Fitness First if you…

  • Would prefer to train at a more traditional gym rather than a more expensive ‘health club’
  • Want the flexibility to train 24/7 at multiple locations for a low cost

Services Guide

Individual Cardio Training

Cardio equipment is available as well as a cardio theatre

Individual Weight Training

A wide selection of innovative weight training equipment includes everything you need to strengthen and condition your whole body

Functional Training

Functional training zones and equipment are provided as well as Freestyle classes

Personal Trainers

A number of personal trainers with a variety of specializations are available

Swimming Pool

Some clubs have swimming pools so you can enjoy a relaxing swim or revive yourself with an aqua aerobics class

Bootcamp Classes

Some clubs provide bootcamp classes. Check your local clubs timetable

CrossFit Classes

CrossFit programs are not available

Pilates Classes

Pilates classes are available as part of your membership

Yoga Classes

Yoga classes are available as part of your membership

H.I.I.T. Classes

30 min HIIT classes (Freestyle Group Training) are available

24/7 Access

A number of clubs are moving to 24/7 access. Check with your local club

Shower Facilities

Shower and change facilities are available

Female Only Areas

Some clubs provide female only training rooms

Child Minding

PlayZone crèche available at some clubs with toys, games and activities to suit all ages and supervised by qualified and experienced staff. Added cost

Kids Programs

There are no specialized kids training programs available

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