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Goodlife Health Clubs

84 locations in Australia
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84 locations in Australia

Pricing: Pricing starts at between $12 and $16 per week

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Goodlife Health Clubs have more than 80 locations across the major mainland metropolitan regions and more than 240,000 members. Being a ‘health club’ they have a large range of services available to help you on your fitness journey and provide this for a reasonable price and in a friendly, non-intimidating environment.

Goodlife Health Clubs stated goal is to “move people to achieve great things – whether it’s finding a better work/life balance, creating healthy habits or training for your first marathon”.

Latest Offer

Goodlife Health Clubs are running a campaign with a $0 joining fee (saving $99) and no membership fees until 2021. There is also a 15% discount on Blue and Platinum 12 and 18-month memberships. Keep in mind that your minimum membership term doesn’t commence until you start paying membership fees in 2021 so the “free time” doesn’t come off your total contract cost. The offer ends on 30 November 2020. For more information visit the Goodlife Health Clubs website.

Opening Hours

They were one of the first full-service gyms to move towards providing 24/7 access for their members with most clubs having been transitioned to these opening hours.

Membership and Pricing Guide

Goodlife Health Clubs have a number of membership options with the 12 month option starting at $18.95 per week (about $82 per month) and 18 month contract option starting at $15.95 (about $69 per month) being the most affordable. There are also monthly options available for about $22.95 per week if you don’t want to lock yourself in for an extended period. Some individual clubs may have different pricing but most follow this structure. Casual visits are available for $20 each.

A joining/admin fee of $99 is payable including for the monthly membership option.

A free 5 day trial pass is available.

Children aged 13-14 are allowed to join on a restricted basis and must be accompanied at all times by a parent/guardian or personal trainer. 15-16 year old’s must have their parent/guardians authorisation to join and may have restricted access to some facilities without supervision.

Great For People Who…

  • Want to focus on cardio and group classes in a more social atmosphere
  • Are looking to join a gym for the first time and sample a wide range of services
  • Want more than just the basic services but don’t want to pay too much

Avoid This Gym If You…

  • Want a very basic, no-frills and low-cost gym

Services Guide

Individual Cardio Training

A variety of cardio equipment is available for individual training

Individual Weight Training

A variety of free and machine weights are available for individual training

Functional Training

Functional training zones and equipment are available

Personal Trainers

Each club has multiple personal trainers with a variety of specialisations

Swimming Pool

Some clubs have swimming pools for member use. Check with your local club

Bootcamp Classes

Some clubs provide bootcamp programs. Check with your local club

CrossFit Classes

Supervised CrossFit classes are not provided

Pilates Classes

Pilates classes are available at most clubs. Check your local club class timetable

Yoga Classes

Yoga classes are available at most clubs. Check your local club class timetable

H.I.I.T. Classes

HIIT classes are provided at some clubs. Check with your local club

24/7 Access

Goodlife is transitioning its clubs to 24/7 access. Confirm with your local club

Shower Facilities

Shower and change facilities are provided

Female Only Areas

There are no female only training areas

Child Minding

Child minding services are not available

Kids Programs

Specific training programs for children under 16 are not provided

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