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194 locations in Australia
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Jetts Fitness

194 locations in Australia

Pricing: Pricing starts at less than $12 per week

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With more than 200 locations across Australia (not currently in NT and TAS) and 200,000 members, Jetts is a major player in the Australian gym industry. They offer relatively small sized clubs with 24/7 access and have a focus on no lock-in contracts at low prices, hence their motto of ‘Work out on your terms’.

Jetts aim to make it easy for you to workout and get inspired to live a better life by giving you the freedom to train when you want and with a membership you want to sign up to.

Opening Hours

All Jetts clubs provide 24/7 access for you to train. Like most gyms though, staffed hours are restricted so you will need to check the opening hours of your local club if you require staff support.

Membership and Pricing Guide

Jetts have two main type of membership with their no lock-in contract rate of $14.95 per week ($12.95 if join up with a friend on the Mates Rates option). You can also pay in advance for 12 months for $549 (just over $10.50 per week) and $489 under the Mates Rates option.

A joining fee of $89 is payable as well as a once-off $59 ‘Club Access Fee’ which means you are up for $148 in startup costs. Some of these fees may be waived from time to time so remember to ask about special offers.

Casual passes are also available which could be a good idea if you want to try out the facilities.

Great For People Who…

  • Want a low cost option without a long term commitment
  • Easy and flexible 24/7 access to a huge range of locations
  • Prefer a ‘no-frills’ option without group training classes

Avoid This Gym If You…

  • Want a full service gym including a wide range of group training classes
  • Require a high level of support but don’t want to invest in a personal trainer

Services Guide

Individual Cardio Training

A variety of cardio equipment options are available for individual training

Individual Weight Training

A variety of free and machine weights are available for individual training

Functional Training

Functional training zones and equipment are provided

Personal Trainers

Multiple personal trainers with a variety of specialisations are available for an additional cost

Swimming Pool

Access to swimming pools is not available to Jetts members

Bootcamp Classes

Bootcamp programs are not provided

CrossFit Classes

Supervised CrossFit classes are not available

Pilates Classes

Pilates classes are not available

Yoga Classes

Yoga classes are not available

H.I.I.T. Classes

HIIT classes are not available

24/7 Access

All Jetts clubs provide 24/7 access for training purposes

Shower Facilities

Shower and change facilities are provided

Female Only Areas

There are no female only training areas

Child Minding

Child minding facilities are not provided

Kids Programs

Specialised kids programs are not available

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