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Plus Fitness

185 locations in Australia
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Plus Fitness

185 locations in Australia

Pricing: Pricing starts at between $12 and $16 per week

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Plus Fitness is an Australian owned franchised chain of gyms and provides the option of no lock-in contracts, 24/7 access and relatively low-cost membership. They have over 170 locations in Australia and your membership provides access to all of them.

Plus Fitness provides ‘classes on demand’ which are studios that provide 16 different styles of virtual training classes 24 hours a day including spin, yoga, boxing and many more. ‘Master’ classes are also provided in group sessions with personal trainers but are an additional cost to your membership.

The Plus Fitness app provides information on class timetables, fitness goals, in-club challenges and more to help you on your fitness journey. It also links to many popular fitness trackers and apps.

Latest Offer

Plus Fitness is currently promoting a “Join now and pay nothing until 2021” campaign encouraging you to start your new year’s fitness resolution early. This is a great offer where you pay no joining fee, no membership fees until 2021 and you aren’t locked into a contract. To find out more, click here.

Opening Hours

Most clubs have 24/7 training access but check opening hours of individual clubs if you need staff support.

Membership and Pricing Guide

Plus Fitness membership costs can depend on the club but is usually between $27.90 per fortnight (about $60 per month) and $33.90 per fortnight ($74 per month). Cheaper rates are usually available for youths and seniors.

A joining fee ranging from $78-$128 (depending on the club) is payable which includes an Access Card Fee. Some of these fees may be waived from time to time so remember to ask about special offers.

No lock-in contracts are provided and you can suspend your membership for up to 3 months a year at no additional cost.

A free 7 day trial is available.

Junior memberships are available for those aged 8-13 years and youth memberships for 14-15 year-olds. Members aged under 16 can only train during staffed hours. Members 16 years and over can train 24 hours. Parent consent is required to join for all members under 18 years of age.

Great For People Who…

  • Want no-lock in contracts or the ability to suspend memberships each year if you travel often
  • Are looking for a cost effective option that includes a virtual class training program
  • Flexibility to train 24/7 and at multiple locations

Avoid This Gym If You…

  • Want a wide range of supervised group training classes rather than virtual classes included in your membership cost

Services Guide

Individual Cardio Training

A range of cardio equipment is available for individual and group training

Individual Weight Training

Free and machine weights are available for individual training

Functional Training

A specialised cage is available for functional training

Personal Trainers

Personal trainers are available with a variety of specialisations

Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are not available

Bootcamp Classes

Bootcamp programs are available through 'Master classes'. Additional cost

CrossFit Classes

Supervised CrossFit classes are not available

Pilates Classes

Pilates classes are available at an additional cost. Check your local club

Yoga Classes

Virtual yoga classes are included in your membership. Supervised yoga classes are an additional cost

H.I.I.T. Classes

HIIT classes are available at an additional cost as part of the 'Master classes'

24/7 Access

Almost all Plus Fitness clubs provide 24/7 access

Shower Facilities

Shower and changes facilities are provided

Female Only Areas

There are no dedicated female only training areas

Child Minding

Child minding services are not available

Kids Programs

Specialised kids training programs are not available

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