Gym Guides

At Suss Out Gyms, we aim to provide you with all the information you need to find the best gym for you. Read our gym guides to suss out everything you need to know on a range of topics including gym costs, maintaining motivation, discounts through your health insurance and much more so you can maximize the value of your gym membership. It’s so easy to suss out gyms!

The Minimum Age to Join a Gym

There are a number of reasons why teenagers or parents of children might want their child to join a gym. It is important to understand both the policies of gyms with respect to minimum age but also the impacts that certain training styles can have on the health of young people.


Gym Membership Costs

The cost of joining a gym can vary quite a bit. There are plenty of cheap, no-frills gyms around as well as more expensive ‘health clubs’. But choosing the right one for you usually doesn’t come down to the lowest price.


Finding The Best Gym

Finding a gym can be relatively easy. After all, there are plenty of them around. The real challenge lies in finding the best gym that will maximise your chances of getting the results you’re after. Making the right decision requires you to be clear on what you’re trying to achieve. You must also understand how going to a gym is going to fit in with your fitness, lifestyle, social and financial needs.


Tips For Staying Motivated At The Gym

Reaching your fitness goal isn’t usually a short-term exercise. It takes time to reach your goal and then ongoing effort to maintain your body at that level.  Maintaining motivation is absolutely critical to your success. Here are our top 10 tips for helping you maintain your motivation and give you the best chance to reach your fitness goals.


Gym Discounts Through Your Health Insurance

For those struggling to justify the cost and value of health insurance, finding a health fund and policy that provides gym discounts could be your answer!