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GO Health Clubs Transitioning to Goodlife Health Clubs

As of 1 July 2018, all GO Health Clubs have officially become Goodlife Health Clubs. GO Health Club had 6 clubs located in Queensland. We’ve included the announcement and details of how this impacts GO Health Club members below. It’s pretty comprehensive and they must have learned some lessons from the poor online communication of the transition of Jetts clubs in Adelaide to Zap Fitness. If you want to read the details on the Goodlife Health Clubs website, then click this link. Otherwise, the official message is also contained below.

Member Frequently Asked Questions

Right now, you don’t need to do anything. It’s business as usual, your membership rate and type will remain unchanged and your club will continue to operate as normal.

A little bit about Goodlife Health Clubs

Goodlife Health Clubs is one of Australia’s largest and most popular full service health club chains supporting more than 250,000 members to live healthier and more active lifestyles. Our purpose is very clear – we move people to achieve great things – whether it’s finding a better work/life balance, creating healthy habits or training for your first marathon.

We know there’s no ‘one size fits all approach’ to health and fitness, whether you like to tone up before the sun is up or you’re a cardio-obsessed night owl. With 79 clubs Australia wide and 55 of these clubs available 24.7, Goodlife Health Clubs is equipped to cater to your every exercise need – any hour of the day or night.

When will GO Health Clubs club transition to Goodlife Health Clubs?

The clubs will officially be changed to Goodlife Health Clubs as of the 1st July 2018. However, like any big change, the signage and systems may take some time, so please bear with us as the transition occurs.

Can I access Goodlife Health Clubs before July 1st 2018?

No, the clubs will be run as separate businesses until the transition. After the transition on 1st July you will be able to access all 85 clubs nationwide including 28 clubs across Queensland, please see details below regarding your specific membership type. To see a full list of the clubs and location visit


Will my membership rates stay the same?

As per your existing terms and conditions, there will be no changes to your payment frequency, payment schedule or payment amount. Your current membership agreement remains the same.

Will the terms and conditions of my membership change?

Your membership type and terms and conditions will NOT change. (please see further details regarding specific membership types in the questions below).


I have a Passport Membership, when can I start accessing other Goodlife Clubs?

From July 1st 2018 you can access all 85 Goodlife Health Clubs nationwide, this includes the six GO Health Clubs with a total of 28 clubs across Queensland. To see a full list of the clubs and locations visit

As we will be working through some system changes, we ask that until our systems have been upgraded, you show your GO membership card when visiting a Goodlife club, and you will be asked to sign in on the guest register for your visit. Once the membership systems have been upgraded you can go to your local GO club and pick up your new membership card which will give you access to either All Clubs (passport), or Super Club (All clubs, plus Arena & Yogabox) depending on your membership type.

Can I access Goodlife 24.7 clubs after hours if my membership entitles me to do so with my GO membership card?

You will be granted access to Goodlife Health Clubs during STAFFED hours from 1st July 2018.

We will be working as quickly as possible to get our 24.7 systems upgraded so you can access participating Goodlife Clubs 24.7. Until we have the systems upgraded you can still access your current GO Health clubs 24.7 with your current membership card. These clubs include; Carindale, Beenleigh, Browns Plains, Springwood, Nundah and Rothwell.

We will communicate with you as soon as the membership systems have been upgraded you can go to your local club and pick up your new membership card which will give you access to All Clubs or Super Clubs, 24.7, where applicable.


I have a Super Club Membership – what clubs can I access?

As of July 1st 2018 your Super Club membership entitles you to access all 85 clubs nationwide, as well as unlimited access to Arena and Yoga Box across both the current GO Clubs and new Goodlife Clubs. The great news is, we will be rolling out more Arena locations in Goodlife clubs, which as a Goodlife member, you will have access to. Goodlife has launched new Arena locations at Robina Town Centre on the Gold Coast and Noarlunga in Adelaide, while also completing works at Knox City in Melbourne. Goodlife will aim to roll out multiple Arena locations across the country over the next 12 months.


Will there be a change to the billing arrangements?

As per your existing terms and conditions, there will be no changes to your payment frequency, payment schedule or payment amount. Your current membership agreement remains the same. However, once the GO systems have transferred over to Goodlife, your direct debits will be transferred to Goodlife’s third party billing provider.

Under the terms of your DDR Service Agreement, please accept this as notice that your current debit arrangement, including the amount and frequency, will be transferred to Goodlife’s third party billing provider, DebitSuccess. We aim to commence the transition from the week beginning Monday 2nd July 2018.

When will the billing change?

The billing will continue with GO Health Clubs biller Ezidebit after the transition to Goodlife Health Clubs. We aim to commence the transition from the week beginning 2nd July 2018. Up until this time GO Health Clubs biller Ezidebit will continue to debit you. Should you need to make any changes to your membership during this time, please ensure these enquiries are directed to your local club, as normal.

What happens when I am out of contract?

Your membership will simply continue at your existing rate and your terms and conditions will remain unchanged, however you will be rolled onto a month-to-month membership, giving you more flexibility. If you would like to change your membership type, please speak with a GO Health Clubs team member.


Will the clubs still be known as GO Health Clubs?

Following July 1st 2018, you will start to see the branding at your club change to Goodlife Health Clubs. Bear with us, it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen as soon as practically possible.

Will open hours change?

All GO Health Clubs are open 24.7. here will be minimal changes to any staffed hours in the short term.

Will my favourite Group Fitness classes still be on the timetable?

Absolutely! Goodlife will not be making any changes to the current Group Fitness timetable in the short term. Over time your club will come in line with Goodlife quarterly launches and releases and classes will be modified and adjusted as required, based on demand and popularity.

Will I still see my favourite Group Fitness instructors?

Of course! Goodlife will be offering continued employment to group fitness instructors and we hope they continue to teach their current classes with us.

Will the same friendly staff be at my health club?

We hope so! We are expecting all the friendly staff you see at reception and around the club will stay on with Goodlife, making the change as smooth and seamless as possible for you.

Will the Kids Zone (child care) operate as normal?

There will be no change to the Kids Zone hours in the short term. We will be retaining all staff with the appropriate qualifications, which hopefully means you won’t see any changes to the friendly faces you and your children have come to know.

I have already paid for my personal training, what will happen?

All of the services and products that you’ve purchased, but not yet received, will continue as normal.

Will my personal trainer stay?

We would love all trainers to continue working with Goodlife after the transition period. All trainers will be offered new agreements to continue your training once the transition has been completed.

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